Declaring HDP

The Human Development major is not a capped major; however there are admissions requirements. It is strongly recommended that students enroll in the Pre-Human Development major while completing the admissions requirements - once complete, you can declare the Human Development major. If you are unaware of the admission requirements please read them before submitting a request to declare either Pre-Human Development or Human Development as your major. If you are declaring the Human Development minor please read about our Minor Requirements. Requests to declare directly into the Human Development major prior to completion of all admission requirements will be denied.

Declaring Pre-Human Development

When declaring Pre-Human Development, use major code HD01 for Bachelor of Arts pre-major or major code HD02 for Bachelor of Science pre-major.

  • While still completing admission requirements, students should declare Pre-Human Development (HD01 for the BA, HD02 for the BS), which will update their online degree audit to reflect HDP course requirements and allow them to receive correspondence from the HDP Student Affairs Office.
  • Students can change their major to HD01 or HD02 using TritonLink. Requests for the HDP pre-major are approved automatically.
  • Students who have not yet received a letter grade in ALL lower-division pre-major requirements should declare HD01 or HD02. 
  • Declaring Pre-Human Development (HD01 or HD02) satisfies the univiersity requirement that students declare a major by 90 units.

Declaring Human Development

When declaring Human Development, use major code HD25 for Bachelor of Arts or major code HD26 for Bachelor of Science.

  • Students must fulfill all admission requirements BEFORE applying for the Human Development major.
  • Once the HDP admission requirements have been completed (and all grades confirmed) students initiate the process by submitting a request to change their major to HD25 or HD26 via TritonLink.
  • Once the major request is submitted, it will be placed on hold--pending verification of all admissions requirements. During times of peak volume (such as after completion of HDP 1), major applications may take time to process. We appreciate your patience.
  • After review, if an application is denied the student will be notified via VAC.  If admission criteria is met, the major change request is approved.

Declaring the Human Development Minor

When declaring the Human Development minor, use minor code HD25.

  • Students wishing to declare a minor in Human Development should first review the Minor Requirements page.
  • Students can declare the Human Development minor via TritonLink.
  • In order to declare the Human Development minor on TritonLink students will need to list the classes that they have taken and/or plan to take for the minor (please note: this is only a plan for how students are going to fulfill the minor requirements - not all of the classes need to be completed in order to declare a minor).