HDP 150 - Senior Seminar(4)

Seminar for graduating HDP seniors. Readings and discussion of special topics in human development.  Provides advanced-level study on subfields of human development.  Topics vary quarterly. Prerequisites: HDP 1, HDP 181, HDP 191, senior standing, and department approval. (F,W,S)

HDP 150 is for SENIORS admitted to the HDP major ONLY. Enrollment in HDP 150 is restricted.

Fall 2017 Topic: Pending                                             

Summer 2017 Topic: The Impact of War Conflict on Human Development       


GRADUATING SENIORS have priority for HDP 150 enrollment

If you are not graduating in the quarter you are requesting HDP 150, you MUST ENROLL IN A BACK-UP COURSE.  Non-graduates are automatically placed on a waitlist until all graduates are accommodated. 

Final Note: Seats for HDP 150 are approved on an individual basis (based on time to graduation) and as such are completely independent of your enrollment date. Therefore, please do NOT contact the department about needing to be cleared for a 150 section in time for your enrollment appointment--it will be ignored.  If granted enrollment, YOUR SEAT IS SAVED!

Approvals will occur after second pass has begun--please use first pass to select other courses that you need. Until your enrollment is decided upon, focus on securing any remaining classes that you didn't get in first pass, and/or using the extra 4 units to waitlist some full class you'd like a chance to add. Remember, if granted enrollment, your seat will be saved, regardless of when you enroll.

If you have very few required classes and need a minimum number of units in the interim, please enroll in a backup class until your 150 enrollment has been decided. And remember, if you are not graduating in the quarter you are requesting HDP 150, you MUST enroll in a backup course, as your HDP 150 approval is not guaranteed.


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Once your enrollment request has been received, you will see a confirmation page indicating receipt and providing further instructions. If you do not see this page at the end of your submission, please call the HDP Office at (858) 534-9919 or e-mail hdp@ucsd.edu to confirm receipt of your HDP 150 request.  You can also try resubmitting your request.

Please note that enrollment is not guaranteed. Non-graduates should enroll in a back-up course.

Summer 2017 Topic: The Impact of War Conflict on Human Development       

War conflict can have major and undesirable effects on Human Development across the lifespan of many generations. It can affect children’s psychological and social abilities to become fully independent beings, delay individuals’ human capacity building, limit individuals’ economic prosperity, and eventually reduce life expectancy. In general, war conflict can create a lasting impact on all dimensions of human development including physical, intellectual, and emotional development. In this course, we will look at a series of critical questions: how does war conflict hinder human development (especially in the lives of young children and adolescents)? How do young children and adolescents cope with the trauma of displacement away from their home? Does displacement erase memories in young children? If so, what is the long-term impact on self-identity and sense of belonging? We will use scholarly articles and textbooks to shed light on these questions. By the end of this course, students will have a clear understanding of the impact which war conflicts have on human development. Past and present war conflicts will be examined throughout the course for students to better comprehend the significance of the social and emotional cost of war conflicts on people and their communities.