Searching the Schedule of Classes

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Due to the interdisciplinary nature of HDP, most of our courses are offered by other departments. This can make searching the UCSD schedule of classes for HDP courses somewhat difficult, as it requires almost 20 separate searches to check on our entire curriculum when searching by subject or department.

To make your search easier and more efficient, HDP majors should learn to look for their classes by "CODE.”  If you look at the first search page of the schedule, "By Code(s)" is the third tab under "find courses." Select this tab.

schedule search entry

In this section, you can then just type in the exact courses you are interested in searching for (Math 10A, PSYC 168, LTWL 114). You can also “paste” in a list of courses that you are interested in. Once you click the search button, you will receive a list of all courses available from the ones that you entered into the search query, and their schedule information. 

search results

HDP majors are encouraged to use this search feature, as they can easily paste in all relevant courses for a particular requirement that they need to fulfill. A simple list of all HDP courses is included below for you to cut and paste into this search field on the schedule of classes.

Simple list of Major Courses by Category


Current Course Offerings